Our Lawyers

Combined, our attorneys represent more than 60 years of education, more than 140 years of legal practice and over 65 professional certifications. Behind those numbers is one of the most talented and passionate teams of litigators you’ll find anywhere.

The Partners

Jean Cihigoyenetche Jean Cihigoyenetche
Scott J. Grossberg Scott J. Grossberg
Richard R. Clouse Richard R. Clouse
Katharine L. Spaniac Katharine L. Spaniac

The Associates

W. Justin Clark W. Justin Clark
Laurel A. Hoehn Laurel A. Hoehn
Jacob M. Ramirez Jacob M. Ramirez
Lea Patricia L. Francisco Lea Patricia L. Francisco
J. Martin Cihigoyenetche J. Martin Cihigoyenetche
Erin A. Cronk Erin A. Cronk
Lawya L. Rangel Lawya L. Rangel